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1. Risk Warning

1.1. The financial market and its trading instruments, including Contracts for Differences (the “CFDs”) and other financial assets are highly leveraged products which may not be suitable for all investors. The corresponding instruments involve complexity and risks, where you are responsible for understanding the potential risks and costs when trading these instruments. Considering all possible risks, you should only use our service if you understand the nature of the contracts and professional relationship that you are entering and the extent of your exposure to risks involved.

1.2. You accept all possible risks, including incurring of losses and damages upon trading. We cannot and do not guarantee your profit or loss to any trades. There is a risk that large losses may occur in a brief period due to the speculative nature of our business. All Trading Instruments can be potentially volatile where rapid fluctuation can cause unpredictable events and results, none of which can be controlled by either party.

1.3. The market prices of all Trading Instruments fluctuate frequently due to its volatile nature and involve an elevated level of risk which may result in a capital loss. Through executing an order or trade, you accept the concept of price slippage and market gapping which may lead to market price fluctuation, wherein the result of the volatility cannot be guaranteed to be whether at your advantage or disadvantage. We reserve the right, at any given time, to modify the quoted prices and other specifications effective immediately if deemed necessary.

2. Trading Conditions

2.1. You understand and agree that regardless of any information we provide, the value of any Trading Instrument may fluctuate which can affect your investments and trades. We do not guarantee that the information of any previous performance of a Trading Instrument can affect its current or future movement.

2.2. We can, without the obligation, provide you information such as trading signals and analyses. However, you are solely responsible for your interpretation and how you will use such information.

2.3. Trades that are open for 1 business day or more shall include swap fees or overnight charges. Moreover, you acknowledge that if you fail to close a trade before its expiration, such trade can be closed automatically regardless of the floating profit or loss. A Trading Instrument or derivative contract can be exempted from closing automatically provided that your trading account is stable and has completed the statistical requirements of the liquidity provider. For trades that closed automatically, you may change the liquidity provider for such trades subject to our Terms and Conditions.

2.4. If your margin is insufficient to hold open positions, we may, without the obligation to do so, contact you through the available means of communication regarding the matter. In the event of a margin call, you may be required to deposit additional funds on short notice. If you fail to act on such matter in the required time, you accept the responsibility for any loss or damage that will occur.

2.5. We reserve the right to regulate margin requirements for each our products. This may result in an increase of your margin requirement where you may be obligated to place additional funds to uphold the prevailing conditions.


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