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1. Standard Conditions

1.1. We have imposed a Refund Process which you may request for in certain circumstances subject to our approval. Refund requests may be done through your trading account with the same amount that you have initially deposited.

1.2. We reserve the right to decline or cancel refund requests made with unseemly intentions or those that contradict with our Terms and Conditions.

1.3. By requesting for a refund, you affirm that:

  • You do not have existing trades and orders in your trading account
  • You do not have any ongoing obligations to the Company, including contracts and agreements
  • There are not unresolved conflicts relative to our Terms and Conditions
  • Your trading account has never been suspended or restricted in any for violating our Terms and Conditions

1.4. Refund requests are processed within 7 business days, and if your request has been approved and processed, you can expect to receive your refund up to 30 business days. You agree that once we have processed your refund, we are not responsible for any delays that may occur which are beyond our control.

2. Affiliate Conditions

2.1. Our affiliated Payment Service Providers (the “PSPs”) and banks have established separate terms and conditions of use for their services that all parties must comply with. It is part of the PSPs and banks’ conditions that Clients shall receive their funds in the same method it was deposited.

2.2. If deemed required for you to receive your withdrawal through a different method, you must send a formal request to our email subject to our approval. Therefore, we may request for your additional banking information to process your refund request.

2.3. The minimum amount of Wire Transfer transaction is 50.00 USD. We do not charge fees for any transaction, but we do not guarantee that all transactions will be free of charge. Commission charges, processing fees, or service fees may occur which you shall solely bear as imposed by banks and third-party PSPs. You agree to settle such fees immediately that you may acquire.


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