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1. Introduction

1.1. Investigram has established procedures for the Execution of Orders to get the best results when implementing trades and orders for our Clients. This document shall summarize all the practical procedures you must comply with to guarantee that the best possible execution is accomplished and gain optimum results when accepting transactions on your behalf.

1.2. We consider different significant factors before executing an order such as the price charges, scope, probability and speed of execution, and specifications of the order. We reserve the right to reject and cancel orders if it does not comply with our procedures or if it has invalid specifications. We verify all orders to prevent any unlawful or prohibited trading activities such as scalping and use of expert advisors or any manipulating software.

2. Execution

2.1. You acknowledge our internal procedures and execution venues which may change occasionally. We may consider using the regulated markets, multilateral trading facilities, systematic internalizing, or other third-party financial institutions as a trading venue. Orders and trades may be disclosed to the relevant venue upon execution of order.

2.2. Some Trading Instruments may be unavailable to some Clients for distinct reasons such as due to your account type, the status or condition of your trading account, or because of standard policies in the financial market.

3. Cancelation and Modification

3.1. You can place, modify, and view your order in the trading platform, while you may access the list of your orders and requests to cancel orders in your trading account. You may choose the period of your order as follows:

  • Day
  • Day + Extended Hours
  • Good ‘til Canceled (“GTC”) + Extended Hours
  • Extended AM
  • Extended PM

3.2. All requested orders are considered GTC, and all orders will be executed accordingly unless you request for a cancelation in the trading platform or via email subject to our approval. Orders with invalid specifications will not be executed until completed accordingly. Canceling removing an order during market posting periods (pre-open, pre-close, and after-market) is not allowed. We do not recommend canceling orders at the last moment due to its risky probabilities.

3.3. We reserve the right to invalidate, cancel, and close unexecuted market orders due to volume insufficiency. Other causes of canceling or holding orders may be due to, without limitation, irregular market condition, invalid order, suspicious order, alleged or proven involvement in illegal financial or trading activities, and network or system interruption.

3.4. Modifying pending orders is only allowed before its execution. You must ensure that your pending orders canceled successfully before initiating more orders to avoid overusing your funds or overdoing trades.


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